Monday, February 20, 2012

Weird Quibids Auction

I recently wrote about a Quibids auction TRS Ballistic Premium 3 Pc. Luggage Set.  It was one of the featured Quibids auctions, and I predicted that it might not garner as many bids as other featured auctions at Quibids.

Well, now the auction has ended, and at a price of $3.05! That's a $2,250 product! It is a very rare occurrence and as such is weird by itself. However, here is something even more strange - the auction history doesn't show the names of the bidders. See the picture below.

Does this mean something very wrong occurred during the auction wherein people were unable to place their bids or things of this nature? If so, it is a serious flaw and Quibids needs to address it immediately. Perhaps they should also refund the bidders.

Did you participate in the auction? Did you see anything like this before at Quibids? 

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