Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who is the QuiBids Girl in QuiBids Advertisements?

The Quibids girl unmasked! She became famous because that was the first time people heard of Quibids. Unfortunately, the original advertisement of Quibids was removed from Youtube (
However, if you are wondering who that Quibids girl was, it's D'Arcy Kate Fellona. She's a model and actress, in case you are wondering!

This is because people seem to be curious about this, especially because the ad has been removed and I cannot even find it online anymore!

New QuiBids Advertising Girl

Since I wrote this post, there has been a new QuiBids Advertising girl! She replaced the original model above, D'Arcy Kate Fellona. The new model is Kari Klinkenborg. She's a model too (of course!) and has featured in several photo-shoots and even movies. Here's her IMDb profile, for instance. She's also available on Model Mayhem for work, if you want to hire her for your own projects (profile since removed).


  1. Well done to D'Arcy...Simple, Effective, and Memorable. Quibids stands in eternal debt.

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