Friday, February 17, 2012

Quibids Auction: TRS Ballistic Premium 3 Pc. Luggage Set

Here is a strange Quibids featured auction for you: TRS Ballistic Premium 3 Pc. Luggage Set. Usually, Quibids just sticks to the safer options of electronics or vacation packages, but it is good to see that the site is experimenting with new products. This gives some variety and excitement to penny auctions at Quibids which can seem monotonous and uninteresting in terms of auction types.

Quibids, of course being the largest player in the penny auction market, can experiment with different products because they can more easily absorb any losses.

This product is listed at a price of $2250, so one lucky winner might get it at a far lower price. It would be interesting to see where this auction ends because I think not many people would jump on the auction and it might as well be a calm sub $100 ending auction. Of course penny auction predictions are notoriously difficult so I shouldn't try to make those and just see how the auction proceeds.

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