Thursday, February 9, 2012

Diamond Earrings at Quibids

That's the featured auction of the week - 1/2 cttw. Diamond Earrings & Pendant Set. This is a good time for the offer, with Valentine's Day approaching. I have always argued that Quibids needs to take leadership in the penny auction sphere, being such a large and influential player. In addition, Quibids is perhaps the only penny auction which can single-handedly change the course of the industry.

This is a good sign - a diamond set is unlikely to attract as many bidders as a Macbook bundle which is usually the norm at Quibids for featured auctions of the week. Even if it isn't Apple products, it is usually some technology related items. A diamond set, however, might produce more passionate and determined bidders.

Even if Quibids doesn't make a killing off this auction, it is still a good thing as it gives bidders a chance to win something substantial without spending a ton of money on bids. Quibids, being as large a penny auction as it is, can afford to take a few losses for the bigger picture - bidder satisfaction. It would be interesting to note what price the auction ends.  


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