Sunday, January 8, 2012

Almost Guaranteed Wins at HappyBidDay

Like many penny auctions, HappyBidDay has what are called as beginner auctions. These auctions are not open to everyone. Rather, they are only open to the people who are new to the site. This means you cannot participate in these auctions if you have been winning items here. However, if you just joined the site, this is great!

One of the reasons HappyBidDay beginner auctions are really good for you a a bidder is that they are extremely low in competition. This is not surprising - they have quite a few of these and there are not as many active beginners. In addition, HappyBidDay is a new penny auction unlike Quibids which is well established and more popular. Therefore, you can win these with ease.

I looked at the three latest beginner auctions, and all three ended within 1 or 2 bids! That's an incredible saving for any penny auction. You can get the gift card, and what is even better, get some free bids along with it as well! These free bids can then be used for everything else on the site.

After you win some beginner auctions, I would suggest bidding on gift cards only because these are less competitive than electronic items. Also remember that when you buy your first bid pack, use coupon code HAPPY to get 20% off for the first bid pack (you'll need this to get started). If you want to be active, go for the bid packs that come with 'insurance' i.e. if you don't win, your bids will be refunded. All these nice aspects make HappyBidDay a great site for all penny auction bidders.
(Remember that unlike traditional auctions, at HappyBidDay, the bidding starts at $1.00 and not $0.00)

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