Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 7 Quibids Tips and Tricks

These Quibids tips and tricks will help you make the most of your bidding experience at Quibids.

If you are looking for my Quibids strategies, you should read my previous posts to see the various ways on how to win on Quibids. You can use the Volunteer's Dilemma Quibids Strategy to win smaller items, or the Waiting Game Quibids Strategy to win bigger items. You should also be well aware of the Best and Worst Times to Bid on Quibids which is probably the most important thing to know before you start your Quibids journey. You should know the power of Bid Voucher Quibids Strategy especially for the big-ticket items. You should also be aware of How to Win Against Aggressive Bidders

With this background, let me summarize all the important Quibids tips and tricks you will need on your Quibids journey.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-1: Set Realistic Goals
This might sound like Grandma's advice but I wish to include this first on my list because it is really important and often neglected. Penny auctions like Quibids can suck in a lot of your money if you are not careful. This can be addictive. No, it is not like gambling but the thrill of winning and the rush of adrenaline are all there when the timer approaches zero.

I would therefore advise you to strictly impose limits on your spending. Also, never bid on items that you don't need just because you might get them a little cheaper. This is not the right way to win at Quibids.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-2: Understand the Penny Auction Model
There is no dearth of people complaining how bids cost money and they are non-refundable if you lose. Yes, this sounds unfair but you really did not think that Quibids will give away a Macbook for $100 and pay the rest from their pockets did you?

Yes, the profits are huge. Humongous perhaps, but that's the auction model. If you do not like it, don't bid on Quibids. It is very important that you understand thoroughly how penny auctions work. No amount of Quibids tips and tricks will help you realize this if you fail to understand the model of the auction at Quibids. Here is a very quick summary, which is by no means comprehensive -
  • Timer increases each time a bid is placed. It is not exactly a countdown in the traditional sense like eBay.
  • Bids cost $0.60 per bid. You can check out my previous posts on how to get some free Quibids bids but these are still limited. You need to pay for the bids you place.
  • Bids once placed cannot be redeemed for money. If you purchase more bids and don't use it, you can always get a refund but not if you use them.
  • Yes, items do sell for 90-95% discounts but you need to pay through the bids used. The cost to you is not so much through the price of the item but through the bids that you place.
  • There is exactly one winner and everyone else loses money on an auction in the form of lost bids. Fair? I don't know!
Quibids Tips and Tricks-3: Know your Bidding Timing
The best time to bid on Quibids can help you win auctions much cheaper. However, it is not just the final cost that is different. When you bid on items during the least busy times i.e. least competitive times, you have a very strong chance of winning if you follow my winning Quibids strategies. If there is huge competition, things can get really very difficult.

If you haven't already, read my post on Best and Worst Times on Quibids and note the times when the site is least busy. An important point to remember is that it is not just about the number of people online but also the number of auctions open for bidding. Therefore it can happen that there are an awful lot of people but there are plenty of auctions for them all, so the competition tends to distribute away, especially for smaller items.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-4: Use the Buy It Now Option to Cut Risk
Quibids has the most wonderful option of Buy It Now. Using this, you can use the money that you spent towards an auction to go towards buying it at the retail price if you fail to win the auction. In fact, I think this is the most important of the list of Quibids tips and tricks that you should know and use.

Penny auctions are inherently risky but using this option you can greatly reduce the risk associated with bidding on Quibids. This is why it is all the more important that you want and like to have the item that you want to bid on.

Ask yourself this question: If I don't win the auction, am I willing to pay the market price for this item? If the answer is a big no, avoid bidding on the item. If you lose, you will lose all the bids along the way.

Quibids has a number of different auctions and I am sure you can find auctions that you really want to win.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-5: Bid Vouchers can be Useful
Bid vouchers are a great way to multiply your bids. You have a number of Quibids voucher bid auctions and you can win some of them.

So how are Quibids voucher bids good? If you win a Quibids bid voucher auction, you will be credited with the bids immediately. Suppose you spent 40 bids to win a 100 bid Quibids voucher. Effectively, you have won 60 extra bids at the site!

What if you lose? Don't worry - just use the Buy It Now option and buy the bid voucher right at the site! Read the previous Quibids Tips and Tricks point for this.

Voucher bid auctions are usually competitive. Don't expect them to be easy.

Warning: You should remember that Quibids voucher bids do not count towards the Buy It Now feature. Therefore bid voucher strategy is a double edged sword that you need to decide for yourself whether you want to invest time and money in them or not. If you are strictly bidding on the items that you want, you should try to avoid them. If not, go ahead and win a few.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-6: Get Free Quibids Bids

There are many ways to get a few free Quibids bids. These Quibids tips and tricks on finding free bids can be found on my blog, so be sure to follow this blog to keep yourself updated!

If you are new to Quibids, learn how to get free bids on registration. If you are already a member, there are many other ways in which you can get your free Quibids bids. Try out some tips on getting free Quibids bids. You also get some free Quibids bids on your Birthday.

These free bids help you on your path of winning Quibids auctions and can be very useful. For example, if you are new, there are certain beginner auctions that are only open to beginners. This way you can win auctions easily as there is less competition and newbies seldom know all the Quibids strategies needed for winning.

This is the reason I also encourage my readers to check out other penny auction sites. You get some free bids on registering and if you are lucky, you can win a small gift card using just the free bids.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-7: Big-Ticket Items are Very Different
Quibids has a number of big-ticket items like Quibids Macbook, Quibids iPad, laptops, netbooks, holiday cruises, etc. Therefore it is important that you understand the strategies to win these are very different from the ones you use to win $10 Amazon gift cards. Without appreciating this difference, you might wrongly apply the same Quibids strategy to both of them and end up losing a lot of bids.

My post on Volunteer's Dilemma Quibids strategy should be used for smaller items and occasionally for bigger items when there is reduced competition.

In addition, you should remember that the Bid-O-Matic Tool is a good resource to use in big-ticket auctions that last for a very long time. On the other hand, it is a bad idea to use this tool for smaller items, especially if you are using my Waiting Game Quibids Strategy.

Also, you should try to avoid bidding in the initial stages of a big-ticket auction as there are many naive aggressive bidders. Let them all run out of gas before you swoop in.

Quibids Tips and Tricks-8: Losing is Not an Option
If you follow this maxim, you will not lose money at Quibids. No, this is not some New Age maxim I am throwing at you. Instead, if you firmly decide that you will bid till the end i.e. till you win, you can be the winner. You will be surprised by the number of bidders who do not persist enough.

Remember to use this particular Quibids strategy only when you are sure to use the Buy It Now option of Quibids. Without this, it is best to know when to quit.

You can also get aggressive to scare away the small time Quibids bidders so you can emerge the winner. This works very well when there are very few professional Quibids bidders.

In summary, I have given my list of Top 7 Quibids Tips and Tricks. If you have something to add, be sure to add a comment. Winning on Quibids is an art and you should learn before you can apply this art. I hope this blog post was useful to achieve this goal.


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  2. MrChillen5, I am very glad you find the information useful. I'll keep adding Quibids tips and strategies to my blog. You can check back regularly or subscribe to the blog. Also, do read my series on Quibids strategies that gives you a lot of detailed information on this topic. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. You have a very good list! I also try and help people bid better on Quibids. I post all of the Quibids Real Tips Videos on youtube 26 videos and counting plus I just launched my new website that's packed full of free info as well as my own free ebook that explains my own concepts like bidding dynamics and auction dynamics a must read. my website is www.QuibidsTips.com !! Like I said great list. I'm always exited to see more people shearing the knowledge about Quibids.

  4. My mom was entering a bunch of contests today and I noticed the Quibids ad so I told her to check it out! Little did we know that when we signed up they automatically charged my mom $60 for 100 bids. Yikes! Maybe we should've read the fine print! Anyways my mom was kind of upset about that but I thought I'd try it out, I just got a 25$ gift card for Tommy Hilfiger - only bid once and it was $2.99 for delivery. I know it's not the best but I thought it'd be good to invest my time and bids to something that nobody had bid on and I'd end up winning. So with that being said it also depends on what the product is as well. As I was watching some of the auctions, one lady won a $50 LaSenza card for $0.01!

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