Friday, January 14, 2011

How Does Beezid Work

A lot of people ask how does Beezid work? I find a number of beginners asking this question because they are unaware of the penny auction model. Among the penny auction sites, Beezid is one of the most aggressive advertisers. This is why a number of people seem to stumble upon Beezid. As with any penny auction, you should never bid before knowing how Beezid works. However, just because you have heard of the name doesn't really make it any better.

Beezid is just like Quibids in that the model of the auction is a penny auction. However, it does have some different rules which may be good or bad for the bidders, depending on a number of factors.

As a quick overview, Beezid and indeed any other penny auction is very different from an ordinary auction. The main difference is that you pay for every bid placed, the bid amount is not determined by you but simply increments by 1 cent and the timer increments every time a bid is placed. This is how Beezid works - mainly on these 3 principles.

So how does Beezid differ from Quibids? Well, for one, they are proud to be called a penny auction, unlike Quibids! More seriously, the bid cost is different that Quibids. Different bid packs cost different. I think the reason is simple - they want people to buy bigger bid packs. This seems tempting but I would resist, especially because Beezid seems to have a far negative reputation in terms of reviews than Quibids.

Beezid also gives some free bids that you can use on registration. This is also given by Quibids but you need a coupon code. If you are looking for Quibids free bids, you should get a coupon code. However, Beezid works differently - everyone is given the free bids, which makes it better (especially to those who don't stumble upon a blog like this to get a ton of free Bids :) )

So to answer how does Beezid work and how does it compare to Quibids, I would suggest reading reviews online. From my experience and research, Quibids fares far better than Beezid in terms of customer satisfaction in general. That being said, I am sure people are realizing how competitive Quibids is getting, which means they are looking for alternatives. Of course Beezid can be as competitive, but people are surely looking for other avenues.


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