Monday, January 24, 2011

OMGiWON Coupon Code

I had recently written about a new penny auction site, OMGiWON It is a nice alternative to Quibids because it is new and therefore less crowded.

On this site, you get 7 free bids when you register. Now, you can get an additional 5 free bids when you use the OMGiWON coupon code of "wow". This is not available during registration. You can just register and you will get your 7 free bids. Now go to My Account and click on Coupon. Here you will be asked to enter your coupon code. Enter wow and you should have 5 free OMGiWON bids credited to your account.

12 bids at this new site are enough to win some small-ticket items like gift cards. No harm trying because you don't even need to invest any money!

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