Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quibids vs Bidhere - 1

Here, I'll discuss Quibids vs Bidhere, two of the most famous and biggest penny auctions on the internet today. There are several important distinctions here and hopefully you will be in a better position to decide where you want to bid more after reading this post.

Both Quibids and Bidhere are legit penny auctions that are quite big. Being big is good for them because they don't have an incentive to cheat you. There are some smaller penny auctions out there that are not as reliable. However, if there is a younger penny auction and you trust it is legit, you will usually have a higher winning chance there than on either Quibids or Bidhere.
Quibids vs BidhereHowever, the advantage of Quibids and Bidhere is that they are both big and offer a very wide variety of products. You can therefore get many products that you are genuinely interested to buy.

So here is a comparison of Quibids vs Bidhere with respect to the most important features of the two sites -

Win Limits

This is the first important difference between Quibids and Bidhere that you will notice. Quibids has limits on the number of auctions that you can win. On the other hand, Bidhere doesn't really have any limits.

Now I cannot really say which one is good. Really, it depends on the type of bidder. If you are highly experienced and know all the penny auction strategies, you might want to be able to win many more items and would prefer no limits. However, if you are a relative beginner and like to bid and win conservatively, you will see that having limits is very good.

Why? Because it restricts the number of people who are highly aggressive and have huge investments. Remember penny auctions can become statistical games when there are huge investments. The small guy is therefore unable to compete with the big fish.

So what the limits of Quibids? Several. Here are the Quibids limits -
  • In a 28 day period, you can win a maximum of 8 products.
  • In a 24 hour period, you can win a maximum of 3 auctions.
  • In a 28 day period, you can only win one big-ticket item (price >$999.00)
  • In a 28 day period, you can only win one same product valued >$285.00
So these were the Quibids auction limits. At Bidhere, there are just no limits. This can potentially lead to people abusing the system.

Buy It Now Feature

Quibids is one of the best penny auction sites out there in this regard, and I really like them for this. Their buy it now feature allows you to almost eliminate the risk involved in bidding on penny auctions. This feature allows you to use the money spent towards the bids in purchasing the item at the retail price. The way it eliminates risk is that if you win the auction, you get the good discount but if you lose, you can still buy the item at the retail as if you were just buying from any online retailer. Of course there will always be small price differences, shipping costs, etc.

Bidhere has a different policy in this regard. Only some auctions have the Buy Now feature on this penny auction. Even then, there are limits -
  • In a month, you can use the Buy Now feature at Bidhere a maximum of 4 times.
  • In a month, you cannot purchase the same item more than once using this option.
These are quite limiting, considering the fact that Bidhere has no limits on the number of auctions you can be bidding on.

In the next part, I'll discuss Quibids vs Bidhere with respect to the types of auctions, winning chances, special gifts, bonuses and other interesting features. Stay tuned! And subscribe to the blog to keep yourself updated.


  1. Thanks for the post.
    I am a member of and quibids as well.
    They are both very impressive websites.
    However, I think has better product offering and is easier to win at.

  2. Hi,Good post.I was a member of for a year or 2 until they pulled the plug out of the blue just a few months back.I,along with god knows how many others were left stung badly.I was owed 13 items and unfortunately will never see any of them.
    Over the last year i have been using incentive reward sites instead and have got an xbox,a PS3,an ipad2 and an ipod touch.No risk and at least if you do spend a couple of quid doing an offer,you know you are guaranteed an outcome at the end.


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