Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quibids vs Beezid

Quibids vs Beezid is a good question that people seem to ask when faced with the prospect of choosing a penny auction site for their needs. There are many similarities and differences between Quibids and Beezid. You need to understand both these penny auctions to know which one seems good for you.

I would like to mention here to Quibids doesn't identify itself as a penny auction. However, it is the same business model and certainly falls within this category. Beezid is quite open about being a penny auction site.
Quibids vs BeezidSo getting back to Quibids vs Beezid, how do you decide which one to join. And how about both of them? Well, here are some details you might want to know.

Quibids vs Beezid: Quibids Wins

  • Buy It Now Feature: This is the single most important factor in favor of Quibids. With the Buy it Now feature of Quibids, you can greatly reduce your losses in a penny auction. This is why this feature is a cornerstone of a number of different Quibids strategies. For example, I have discussed the Quibids strategy using Volunteer's Dilemma. This is wonderful and is applicable to any penny auction strategy, including Beezid. However, it works best with Quibids because of the Buy it Now feature.
  • Auction Diversity: Beezid does have some good variety of products on its auction site. However, in terms of number and diversity of the products, Quibids wins hands down. Quibids has at least 2-3 times more auction a day than Beezid (I am sure it is much more), so in this round of Quibids vs Beezid, Quibids is the winner!
  • Bid Pricing: This is a double edged sword. Quibids has a uniform bid pricing throughout which I personally like. However, some others might prefer cheaper bids if you are buying more number of bids. This is frankly a hard one to judge.
  • Customer Service: Quibids seems to be more involved with the customers than Beezid, so I would say in terms of customer service, Quibids vs Beezid is certainly won by Quibids. I know there are quite a few people unhappy with Quibids but you will be surprised to know how many are unhappy with Beezid.
Quibids vs Beezid: Beezid Wins

  • Free Bids: Quibids does give away some free bids but they are rare. Beezid gives away 10 free bids when you join. These can be used on the special 'Cherry Auctions' on the site. This is quite similar to Quibids beginner auctions, but I think not everyone at Quibids is given the free bids whereas everyone at Beezid gets free bids when they join. I would say Beezid wins here.
  • Limits: In this aspect, Quibids vs Beezid might be hard to compare because Quibids has a Buy it Now feature which prevents them from limiting the final cost of auctions. Beezid does have some limits on auctions, so they don't go on forever.
  • Cheaper Bulk Bids: As I said, this is a double-edged sword. If you are serious about winning high-end items, this is a good thing. However, if you just want to try out the site first, you end up paying more than you should. Still, it is good for some, so I'll give this round of Quibids vs Beezid to Beezid.
Both Quibids and Beezid are into aggressive marketing. You can see Beezid ads on more traditional outlets like TV. Also, Beezid proudly says it is a penny auction. Quibids also advertises well on different mediums online. I have seen Quibids ads being shown on some of the most respectable web outlets.

The post discussed about Quibids vs Beezid and which one is better. It is hard to say as peopel are happy and disappointed with both these sites. Personally, I would say Quibids is better than Beezid, but of course you might disagree.


  1. I never one o beezid, but i have one five things for just 1 cent on quibids

  2. Beezid wins hands down just so you know. I have been penny auctioning for about 3 years now, I started with Swoopo (the original).

    First off, your post is wrong. Customer service? Beezid kills Quibids. Check out Beezids Facebook page and check whats going on there compared to Quibids page.

    Quibids has more auctions.. and yes thats good. But better products? No. a bunch of $15 gift cards.. x100. Beezid has $500 dollar gift cards.

    However in terms of fairness, both are fair operating penny auction sites.. but this post was really off its mark, Beezid (to those who know their penny auctions) wins hands down.

  3. I say quibids win handout in term of number of auctions, gameplays for more bids and the most important thing --the buy now feature. yes I have won many items such as gold watch gift cards, tv, and many other things for really cheap, and they ship products out very fast (I receive most my winnings within 3-4 days)I would never like any sites that give away too much free bids because that means other people will get the same thing so winning will be harder...I would not go shopping any other penny auction but quibids


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