Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beezid Strategy for Winning

Beezid strategy to win is slightly different from Quibids strategy because of the inherent differences between the two. My Quibids strategies can be found on the right hand side of the page. This post deals with Beezid strategy.

Beezid is another famous penny auction like Quibids. I know Quibids is getting overcrowded and therefore people are looking for alternatives to Quibids. Beezid is famous because of its aggressive marketing campaign, but there are many areas in which it falls short. Read my complete analysis of Quibids vs Beezid

Now, as mentioned earlier, Beezid strategy can be quite different from Quibids strategy. Here is how.

At Quibids, you can use aggressive bidding and it greatly helps you win items because there is a Buy It Now option so you know you don't really lose a lot of money even if you lose the auction. This is well explained in my Quibids Strategy Volunteer's Dilemma post. On the contrary, there is no such option at Beezid. Therefore I would not suggest this bidding strategy at Beezid.

So what is the best Beezid strategy? I would say use the Waiting Game strategy for most cases. This will minimize your losses and give you a good chance at winning. However, it is of utmost importance that you do not quit - keep bidding till you are the winner. This is the only real way to win. In all other cases, you simply lose the money.

Also, at Beezid there is no real difference between the real bids and voucher bids. Therefore you should try and win as many Beezid voucher bid packs as possible. You can read about Strategies to Win Voucher bids.

Remember that at Beezid you get 10 free bids when you register (you don't need any Beezid coupon code). You should use these bids wisely. They are valid on all beginner auctions. These auctions are easier to win and it would be great if you can win something big using just the free bids. Since beginners may not really know a lot about Beezid strategies, you have a good chance of winning. So make sure you know all the proper Beezid strategies before you start bidding.


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