Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winning Quibids Bid Vouchers

Winning Quibids bid vouchers is one of the first advices given to beginners. However, this may not be the right way to start off your Quibids journey. Indeed, Quibids bid vouchers may not even be that attractive when you take a comprehensive view.

Should you Win Quibids Bid Vouchers?
Depends. Firstly, bid vouchers are extremely competitive. People tend to think that if they are bidding on a 25 bid voucher, they think they can afford to spend up to 25 bids to win in. Add in dozens of bidders and you get the point.

The real problem is, voucher bids are not equivalent to real bids. Quibids has a wonderful "Buy It Now" feature that you can use to buy the item you bid on at the retail price if you don't win the auction. Voucher bids do not count towards this. Theoretically, you should not lose bidding on Quibids. However, so many people just ignore this that it is just sad.

Winning Quibids Bid vouchers should be a concern only when you do not want to buy the item that you are bidding on. This can happen with some big-ticket items like Macbooks and HD TVs. You can learn about the Quibids strategy of winning big ticket items to win these.

However, for smaller items, I would suggest not trying to win voucher bids. You can always look at Quibids like a nice place for entertainment and possibility to win. If you only bid on those items that you would buy in any case, you really cannot lose. Voucher bids will reduce this possibility because voucher bids don't count towards buying the item at the market price.

If you are still interested to win Quibids voucher bids, you should prefer to bid on the 50 and 100 bid vouchers. These are comparatively less competitive. For beginners, I suggest the 15 bid voucher as well, but the payoff is low in this case. Also remember that you need to pay an additional $2.00 for handling fees, which reduces the effective bids won by about 3. Therefore you are making a profit only when you win the 50 bid item within 47 bids or 15 bid voucher within 12 bids.

Quibids bid vouchers are a double edged sword. On the one hand, they allow you to increase your bids but on the other, they can lead to potential losses. You need to tread carefully.

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