Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Price Consistency in DealDash

Read my Quibids Review and DealDash Review to know about these sites.

DealDash is a penny auction that is less crowded and competitive than more established sites like Quibids and at the same time, it is not new. You can read my DealDash analysis against Quibids to know how it compares against Quibids.

Today, I was looking through DealDash for HD Camcorders. These are common auction items at most big penny auctions. I was surprised by the price consistency: the last 3 items ended in the price range of less than $2. This is usually very rare for any penny auction. Of course this trend doesn't hold for very far back, but still, price consistency is very rare. Usually you have auctions that end at 10 times another auction end price.

Here are the three auctions I was looking at: : $3.78 : $3.56 : $5.28

DealDash shares every closed auction for the bidders, unlike Quibids. It has a wealth of data that you can use to devise your auction strategy. This is priceless information for bidders.

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