Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BidSauce Review: BidSauce Platinum Membership Review

This BidSauce review is through my own experience in penny auctions in general. BidSauce is another penny auction which I would say is not totally an amateur penny auction but not totally professional like Quibids, Beezid, BidRivals etc. I have no problem with mid-size penny auctions.

At first, it seems like any other penny auction but on closer inspection, you get something called Platinum Membership at BidSauce. Here is where I begin to get skeptical. BidSauce review isn't the first site that I am reviewing on my blog and elsewhere and I know hos these things have panned out in the past.

So here is the deal: at BidSauce you have the option of joining free or joining Platinum. The platinum membership levels are paid memberships. Here is a screenshot of the actual program as it appears on their website.

Note how the pricing is cleverly designed. Nowhere does it say that the costs are recurring each month, which is what it is. This seems misleading to me at once.

There are several reasons why my BidSauce review isn't very encouraging to the site. This monthly recurring fees isn't very good because you stay invested in the site. Does anyone remember the Swipebids Scam? If not, it was a huge scam in penny auctions where you had to pay about $150 to join and bids were extremely cheap if you bought them in bulk. Then the site closed shop, taking the hundreds of thousands of dollars and scamming thousands of users. I am afraid BidSauce will end up as scam too if the model is unsustainable. If it happened with Swipebids, it can happen with BidSauce too.

Now BidSauce seems to have changed their working model with time. If you read BidSauce reviews at SiteJabber, you will see people complaining that they were charged $150 during registration, exactly like Swipebids! This doesn't look nice. Oh and Swipebids scam had the exact same "MO" of working: you get free bids every single day. Here at BidSauce platinum membership, you get free bids every month, but you get the point.

The reason I am skeptical is the issue of sustainability. Sure, BidSauce may not have closed shop ... yet. Swipebids scam was a giant ponzi scheme and I am afraid BidSauce might turn out to be one too.

Also, there are auctions that are available only for platinum members, which is a way to tempt people to pay. However, it turns out that they are no less competitive but high-end products. It is certainly not worth the price.

Unless you want to resell, I don't see a strong reason why you would want very high win limits either. I know some people like it, and they need to determine if this is the price they are willing to pay.

The final level of membership, the Platinum Pro has free shipping as well, so if you plan to win a ton of items, then increased win limits with free shipping *might* be a good deal for you. However, do weigh in the prospects of BidSauce scam in the process because if the model is unsustainable, it will not end well for you. If you really want to stay invested in this site, you might as well choose this option but remember that the more you invest, the higher your risk of losing everything, which is how a ponzi-scheme works - ask Maddoff!

If you read other BidSauce reviews on SiteJabber, they don't seem very good. Quibids reviews are bad for a different reason altogether - people don't understand the penny auction model. However, even seasoned penny auctioners remain skeptical about BidSauce.

I hope my BidSauce review helps you make an informed decision.


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