Monday, March 21, 2011

Quibids Commercial and Quibids Advertising

I want to comment on the recent Quibids commercial and also Quibids advertising in general. Quibids is the largest penny auction site in the US, but it still has a long way to go with advertising. And I mean a really long way.

Quibids wants to enter mainstream shopping and not just be another penny auction. It is interesting that Quibids doesn't identify itself with penny auctions but rather wants to be known as a mainstream shopping option. For this, it needs to be a step above all other sites and also make a place for itself in the general mainstream.

However, Quibids commercials have always been dubious. There have been many issues with using the Fake News Advertising. Also, people have been unhappy about Quibids advertising. As the site grows, it has taken down many of these "stupid" advertising ways. However, it is far from mainstream advertising.

Take a look at the recent Quibids commercial that is being aired on Television especially the local CBS and NBC channels.

The quality is poor and it sounds suspicious all the way. There is a man saying "I got a Macbook Pro Laptop for 67 dollars!" and it says below HIRED ACTOR. This is really poor thinking.

The commercial should be viewed in light of the recent lawsuit against Quibids. These Quibids commercials don't help the cause of the company.

Quibids advertising should be more professional and it shouldn't just keep emphasizing on the discounts that you can make. True, putting in the numbers here are there is alright, but that shouldn't become the central theme of the commercial. If Quibids really wants to go mainstream, it should make wittier and more professional advertisements.


  1. Has anyone noticed the girl in the QuiBids commercial states, "a flat screen TV for twenty thirty seventy four..." and the price is displayed as "$23.74"... really? Couldn't they have edited it before putting it on air?? It really makes them look stupid.

  2. It is stupid because that's how many bids were placed on the item 2374 bids. Now if you do the math quibids made a boat load of money on the product at .60 cents a bid. So 2374 bids times .60 cents equals $1424.40 ! The actual cost of the flat screen tv is $300 or $400 dollars.