Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beezid Commercial and Beezid Advertising

This post is about my thoughts on Beezid commercial. So last time I wrote about Quibids Commercial and how it isn't as professional as I would like it to be. Don't get me wrong: Quibids has come a long way since using the Fake news Advertorials to trying to get mainstream, but there is still a lot of work to be done, in my opinion. The quality doesn't match the other commercials you might see on similar times on air.

So I was reviewing the other penny auction commercials and I came across Beezid commercial. It is just comical, and the voice sounds like someone trying to sell me porno from the '80s. It needs serious improvement and looking at the Beezid commercial, I might have to revise my criticism of Quibids commercial. However, since Quibids doesn't want to compete with other penny auctions, it should have its own standards.

For penny auctions in general, seriously, if you want to have an impact, the quality should be much better. This quality seems like a job done by a 14 year old freelancer working for $50 per advertisement. I am yet to see one decent advertisement or commercial from a penny auction. I do hope this aspect is modified if this phenomena of penny auctions is to move into the mainstream. Without proper advertising, the majority are still going to have their first reaction as "Scam!".


  1. May I ask where they advertised? If TV, which market & channel?
    Thanks in advance

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