Friday, March 18, 2011

Quibids takes you to NCAA

The Quibids featured auction of the week for this week is a trip to NCAA semifinals and champions game for 2! You can find the auction on Quibids.

The package also includes:
Round trip airfare departing from any major city to Houston
3 night stay in a hotel close the Reliant Stadium in Houston

The package is valued at $3500, which I assume is just an approximation of the total price. Quibids makes good money through featured auctions of the week and this should be no exception. I am sure there will be some fierce competition for this auction as well.

If you wish to participate in this auction, don't forget to check out my Quibids Strategies that will help you win this auction. Specifically, you should know about how to win through Quibids Strategy Waiting Game as it can be very useful to help save you money in this big auction while also giving you a good chance at winning.

You are also likely to encounter aggressive or power bidders at Quibids especially at these big auctions. You should know how to win against power bidders at Quibids. In addition, you will see the bidomatic being used more often than not, so remember to read about how to win against BidoMatic.

Finally, I have a guide especially for winning big-ticket items like this one, so read my big auction winning guide as well. Good luck bidding!


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