Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PennyGrab Free to Bid Auctions

PennyGrab always manages to come up with some great promotions. You can check out the latest PennyGrab promo codes which are fun because you get free bids. Now, PennyGrab has come up with another exciting auction, which is free to bid! This means you don't spend your bids when you participate in the auction, just the final auction ending price. Since this is usually lower than the retail price, there is no way you are going to lose, so there is no excuse for not being part of this.

PennyGrab announced that it is going to have 10 free to bid auctions and they begin today at 7pm EST. The only catch is that you should purchase a bid pack in the last 1 week, which is a fair bargain.

Check out the free to bid PennyGrab auctions.


  1. I love the idea of penny auction sites providing "buy it now" and giving credits for bids used in an auction, and giving free bids to new users, so we can reduce the risk of bidding in a penny auction.

    I found a site that actually let's you have unlimited practice of penny auctions. It's called It so much fun to be able to bid whenever I want in a simulated penny auction. Fantastic for people who want to learn how to bid in a penny auction without any of the risk!

    1. Tara, interesting site. Perhaps some readers will like it. What's your take on PennyGrab?