Sunday, April 15, 2012

PennyGrab Leads Reserve Price Auctions

PennyGrab leads the reserve price auction market of penny auctions. For those who don't know about reserve price auctions, it is essentially a kind of penny auction (pay-per-bid auction) where every item has a price that is randomized to be between two limits. Bidders bid on the product and the one who uncovers this reserve or hidden price is the winner.

Many penny auction bidders find this to be a better model than traditional penny auctions mainly because they have more control over their winnings. Also, bidders don't have to worry about the timer and stay in front of their computer all day. This provides all the excitement of regular penny auctions as well.

PennyGrab has been different from the very beginning from other penny auctions. For example, while the entire industry is paranoid about bidders colluding, PennyGrab goes out of their way to encourage bidders to communicate with each other. They thus have a much more loyal bidding base and people appreciate these gestures. Also, PennyGrab has been innovating quite a lot in the sphere like group grabs and rapid fire bids. All these add to the excitement for the bidders. Of late, PennyGrab is trying to have games on the site and reward the players with bids. Isn't that cool?

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