Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beware a Scam Text Campaign that is NOT from Quibids

Quibids is becoming so popular that scammers are beginning to get excited! I just came to know from the PR manager of Quibids, Jill, that there is a scam text campaign out there apparently offering some $1K in Best Buy gift cards. Obviously this isn't from Quibids. Bidders beware. 

It looks like the campaign used a website to confuse users - they use qulblds ... now if that looks similar to quibids, look closely - the i's are l's! So this scam site is quLbLds - not quibids. Be on the lookout. 

It is interesting to note that this is without any incentive from Quibids. I have seen some unethical sites that promote penny auctions as "guaranteed wins", "free gift cards" etc. but this is usually to scam people and make money promoting a site. I know BidRivals had a huge problem with this in the past. However, Quibids doesn't really give you money to promote them (well, yea, those 25 free bids aren't really incentive enough to scam). This new scam is just to try to divert users from Quibids and scam them and has nothing to do with Quibids. 

I suppose that't the price you pay for popularity. Being a niche like penny auctions doesn't help either I am sure, because consumers sure find a trust deficit, considering how many have turned out scams in the past. 

Remember the golden rule - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you ever want to know whether something is genuinely from Quibids, check the URL really well or just enter quibids in your browser window instead of clicking on links. These things can sometimes be hard to find. 

Did you get this message too? 



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