Sunday, April 22, 2012

Silver Coins at PennyGrab

Silver has dropped from its peak about a year ago, but silver still remains higher than the prices seen in the last decade. It is still about $32/oz. This is a good price not just for silver but also for collecting silver coins. Physical silver, after all, trades at a premium to paper silver which trades at spot price. Precious metals in general can be a good hedge against inflation and help diversify a portfolio of stocks and cash.

It is interesting to see PennyGrab having so many open silver auctions. To win, you just need to hit a price between $0 and $2.50 - that's all! This is the case for all silver coins at PennyGrab (at least the 1oz ones). This doesn't seem like a bad deal at all. In addition, every bid placed reduces the Buy Now price of the coin as well, so even if you don't end up bidding, it is worth checking out the silver coin auctions - you might be able to buy at a price below retail. (This is true for all auctions there).

All the auctions below are currently live.

Register here to get 5 free bids to start off. I like collecting enough bids, so you can be guaranteed a win when you bid on the item.


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