Sunday, July 3, 2011

PennyGrab Promo Code

Here is a PennyGrab promo code: HAPPY4TH This coupon code will give you 10 free credits to get you started.
PennyGrab is a new site which is not exactly a penny auction. Instead, it follows the auction model of an 'invisible bid' - when this bid is reached, the winner who bid on it, wins. It is a very good alternative to penny auctions. Plus, 10 free bids is a very good amount to start off with.

The site is very new, so it is less competitive. The owners have previous business experience as well, which lends the site some credibility. It is also a very open site - you can see all the previous winners and closed auctions to give you an idea. So just use this coupon and see if you can get lucky!
Update: Latest pennygrab promo code: HOPPYEASTER obtained on April 6th 2012
Update: Latest pennygrab promot code: RIDEFREE obtained on April 18th 2012

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