Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to win on Quibids 2: Worst Time to Bid on Quibids

I have already discussed the best and worst times in general in my post here. You can also find my Quibids strategies - just browse through the most popular posts on the right hand side.

Here, I want to give some details about the worst time to bid on Quibids.

The worst time to bid on Quibids is in the night, about 10pm-2am EST. However, this worst time frame is expanding. I would say, don't bid till up to about 5am EST. Here is why:

A number of people who bid on Quibids do so at night because that is the time they are free. Quibids does realize this and usually has more auctions during the night. However, there are almost never enough number of auctions for all the users, so the nights are very competitive. Now, I know many people are nocturnal like me and will stay up late to bid on Quibids.

Quibids has only a very few auctions of late during the nights - around 4-5am EST. Here is a recent screenshot of Quibids around this time. As you can see, there are only 6 live auctions on Quibids at this time. There are, of course, many users online, so they all tend to bid on a few auctions, making this time very competitive.

worst time to bid on quibidsSo I would say, avoid bidding on Quibids at night. This is especially the case when you are in EST. This time zone is at a disadvantage for this particular time frame. If you thought you can wake up till 4am, remember it is still 1am Pacific Time, so there would be many online. You cannot be late in EST but you certainly can be early. In fact, mornings are a good time to bid on Quibids. Thus if you are in EST, perhaps you can put the alarm in the morning and try your luck!


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  4. when is the best time to start bidding on 'big ticket items'? a big ticket item could go on for hours and stretch into the 'worst time to bid'.

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