Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quibids vs eBay: Where to Shop for Discounts

Quibids vs eBay is a question that a lot of shoppers face especially during the holiday season. Both these websites are well established in their field and it can be a tough choice to make. Both eBay and Quibids offer some really great discounts and deals. So how do the two compare?

The auction models of eBay and Quibids are totally different. Quibids is a penny auction site, which is a bidding fee auction model. On the other hand, eBay is a traditional auction site which more people are familiar with. Every bid you pay in Quibids is charged at $0.60/bid. On eBay, the bids are totally free and you only pay if you win the item.


There are some main differences between Quibids and eBay. The most important difference arises in the bidding model as mentioned above. Also, eBay is much more general in that there are millions of more items on eBay. On this count, Quibids vs eBay becomes a meaningless question because you can literally find everything on eBay.

The items that you find on Quibids are quite limited. However, for the items that are sold on Quibids, you can get far higher discount on Quibids than eBay. Here, we are talking about discounts of up to 90% and not 5-10% that you might be lucky to find on eBay.

However, as expected, there is a catch. You will need to pay for the bids that you place, which means you can lose money even without winning. This is an impossibility at eBay. If you do not win the item, you lose nothing.

Thus to answer the question of Quibids vs eBay for the products that are sold at both the stores, it really depends on you. If you like taking some calculated risks, you should try Quibids. If you are risk-averse, prefer eBay. If you want to try Quibids, read my post on Getting free Quibids bids before joining so you can make some good profits right from the start.

Also, if you like Quibids, you should certainly try out the other penny auctions as well. This is because sometimes Quibids can get really competitive. The newer penny auction sites have fewer bidders and thus lesser competition, so your chances can be improved. Also, a lot of them give you free bids while joining, so you might just win something out of these free bids, which would be great - to win hands down without any investment.

The post talked about Quibids vs eBay and some differences that you should keep in mind. There are risks associated with Quibids, but the rewards can be sweet.

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