Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quibids Free Bids on Christmas

Quibids gave away free bids on Christmas. There was however a catch: it gave those free bids only to some users and not others. It seems that neither the heavy spenders nor the rare visitors were the lucky group. Personally, I never received any free Quibids bids on Christmas.

However, if you visit the Facebook page of Quibids, you will see some people thanking Quibids for their free bids. This seems disappointing that only a few people should be given free bids while others are denied. I was hopeful that I would get something from them for the New Year but no gift. Nada. They did send out an email for wishes, but that's no good now, is it?

So how did Quibids decide who would get free Quibids bids?

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