Saturday, July 9, 2011

Winning Sustainably at HappyBidDay

HappyBidDay is a popular penny auction which is growing well in terms of new products offered to the bidders. There have been many inclusions in the past few weeks. However, this post is not intended to show how awesome the products are and how you can win an iPad2. Instead, it is about the more humble Amazon gift cards.

HappyBidDay is a relatively new penny auction so you don't have a lot of experienced bidders. However, for the very big items, like iPad2, there is a healthy amount of competition, so your chances of winning are as good as any other penny auction. However, it is the smaller gift cards that interest me because they let you win sustainably.

Let me explain. Unlike other penny auctions, at HappyBidDay, the gift cards (Amazon is popular but there are plenty of others too) always come bundled up with free bids. Thus you will see a $15 Amazon gift card bundled together with 75 free bids.

Now, here is the interesting part: Auctions at HappyBidDay start at $1.00 and not $0.00. Competition is not about the final price but the number of bids placed on the auction. See a typical gift card auction at HappyBidDay below:

You can see the $15 gift card is bundled with 75 free bids, and the closing price is $1.51. This means a total of 51 bids were placed on the auction. Assume that the winner was very aggressive and every alternate bid was placed by the winner (this is a highly unlikely scenario at HappyBidDay. The winner usually spends even less bids). This means the winner placed a maximum of 26 bids. This is for an item that has 75 free bids along with it!

What does this mean? The winner, in the end, has more bids than she started off with and has an Amazon gift card as well! This is what I mean by winning sustainably at HappyBidDay. If you concentrate on the gift cards, you get free bids along with the gift card and in many cases, the winner ends up with more bids than she started with!

If you are not already a member, you can Register Here (coupon code in-built) to get up to 15% off on your first bid pack purchase.

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