Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another OrangeBidz Promotion

OrangeBidz is having another big promotion today.

First, anyone who registers today gets 5 free bids. In addition, all existing members who log in today get 2 free bids.

Now for the major promotion: OrangeBidz is running a "Second Chance Bid Pack" sale today. In this, if you buy a 100 bid pack today, you are enrolled towards a 'second chance' if you don't win anything with these 100 bids. This means if you don't win anything with these 100 bids, OrangeBidz will replenish this bid pack (one time only) to add 100 bids to your account again. You are also limited to one second chance bid pack per user.

This is a really cool offer and regular bidders should be excited about this.

1 comment:

  1. Keep in mind you don't get your bids back, so every bid generates .75 cents for OrangeBidz. Each .75 cent bid drives up the auction by one penny. Now do the math. Let’s say OrangeBidz buys a $60.00 gift card for Walmart, which auctions on its website for a winning bid of $45.00. Let's say the winner bid six times in total. The winner pays $45.00 plus the $3.00 cost of the six bids (6 x .75). Here's the incredible part. Remember, each bid increases the auction by one penny. There are 4,500 pennies in $45.00. At .75 cents per bid, the amount realized by OrangeBidz for a $60.00 gift card is $3,375.00. In other words, from OrangeBidz standpoint, the gift card sold for 56.25 times its face value and generated a profit of 5,600%.