Monday, July 4, 2011

HappyBidDay Extends Bid Back Madness

The immensely popular Bid Back Madness at HappyBidDay has been extended to July 31st. During this time, any bid that you place, you get back in your 'Happy Bids' account which can then be used on exclusive happy auctions. This is a very convenient way to rack up on Happy Bids.

HappyBidDay has started gold and silver bullion auctions as well, which I really like because they are easier to win. If you are joining HappyBidDay, Register Here to get a discount on bulk bids (15% off on 225 bid pack or 12% off on 150 bid pack). HappyBidDay is a new penny auction with low competition so everyone has a winning chance.

Edit: There is an exciting 16GB iPad2 auction today at HappyBidDay for those who are interested.

1 comment:

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