Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Winning Penny Auctions

Winning penny auctions is no trivial task and any experienced bidder can be a testimony to it. However, there are penny auction bidders who consistently and impressively rake in the profits through penny auctions. How is this possible? What do they know that you don't?

Look for the Best Winning Chances
A lot of bidders look for "safe" options like Quibids or BidRivals. True, you have Buy Now on these sites and if you are careful, you cannot lose money. However, they don't give you the best winning chances. To get the best winning chance, you should look for new but trusted penny auctions, like say HappyBidDay. This is because this site gives tons of free bids bundled together with the gift cards, so you can keep winning products and use the extra bids to win more gift cards.

Look for the Best Bidding Times
Bidding times are very important to win penny auctions. For example, at many new penny auctions, the afternoon time on weekdays is the best to bid on. These are the times when people are still at work and there are fewer bidders online. Of course you should study the site because some penny auctions will trim their auctions accordingly.

Know what to Bid on
People get tempted by big-ticket items. However, there are usually the most difficult to win. So don't go for the Macbook just yet. Instead, just try to win a small gift card which you can, in all probability, get it for less than the retail.


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