Friday, January 6, 2012

Better Quibids Data: A Welcome Relief

There is better Quibids data right at Quibids now! I think it is part of the effort by Quibids to move its business more mainstream, as it advertises on TV and wants to attract not just the few people who are already a part of the penny auction industry but a wider range of general audience.

Now, Quibids has better ways to look at past prices. I have previously complained about the misleading price information on Quibids. Previously, when an auction was underway, Quibids would say "Recently sold for $0.01" and the $0.01 was almost always the case because some obscure auction somewhere might have ended that way. This practice seems even more misleading because of the Quibids trap page. What is to prevent them from artificially dropping an auction price to a cent, just to use it for publicity?

However, now Quibids has a better practice of showing the least prices and a "..." where you can click to get all the recently ended auctions for that item you are watching. This is good because previously you had to copy-paste the item name and even then the search results weren't accurate. Plus it was too much effort. Now the pricing system is much more transparent.

I have always argued that Quibids, as an industry leader, should take the lead in making penny auctions more open and transparent. An important step towards this is making price information public and available for analysis. What do you think?

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  1. also tracks all QuiBids auctions. ALl you have to do is search for the item to get a complete list of recent closing. They take it a step further and average the sale prices too.