Monday, January 16, 2012

Quibids Goes Blogging!

That's right, Quibids is getting serious about blogging. I saw this trend about a month ago, but now it is promoting its blog already in the email newsletters that it sends out to all the members. This of course is a good idea - businesses need a blog to be open about their business. This is especially the case with penny auctions because the industry tends to be very closed. Quibids, as the largest penny auction in the US, almost has a moral responsibility to ensure that the industry doesn't go fall into the ditch.

There are a few penny auctions that blog seriously. PennyGrab blog is updated frequently with inside information about the site is a great resource for bidders at their site. There at not too many penny auctions that blog actively though.

So here is the Official Quibids Blog. What do you think?
One advice to Quibids - have the blog in a more prominent position on the homepage than at the very bottom. This way, bidders will be able to find it easily.


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  2. It seems to work fine for me. Which link are you talking about?