Tuesday, March 20, 2012

KingOfHowTo on a Vendetta Against Penny Auctions

KingOfHowTo wants to proclaim every penny auction is a scam. And they want to do that not one article at a time, but write an individual "spun" article each time. This of course is an easy way to gather publicity while misleading consumers and readers.

The reason this is misleading is because it doesn't answer the more fundamental questions that a penny auction review should answer. Do they use shill bidding? Do they lie? Do they use fake testimonials? What are the features they have? etc.

Here are few of the articles, all with the same theme - BBB says they are scams. This is poor quality of reporting on an important issue. Worse, Google News indexes the site, so people looking for genuine information on penny auctions are misled into the site.


What are your thoughts?


  1. I wish someone could take a stance at this and stop allowing this website to post these articles on the internet..something is really strange that they are just releasing an article every week about penny auctions, they are likely just trying to get traffic so they can profit from Google adsense. Fake News, Fake Articles.. Somebody please get these people to stop these ridicilous articles!

  2. I totally agree. The unfortunate thing is, they show up in Google news, so they want to game the system and get some traffic flowing to their site by regularly being on top of the news section. I think it is easier to grab eyeballs with 'scams' than writing an in-depth take on sites and really analyzing penny auctions.

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