Friday, March 30, 2012

HappyBidDay Starter Auctions Still a Steal

HappyBidDay starter auctions are a wonderful place to win products almost guaranteed. Here is the latest starter auction at HBD - ended at 1 cent! (auctions start $1.00, not $0.00). If you are new to HappyBidDay, there is still time to win these starter auctions with almost no risk at all. Also, for a limited time if you use the coupon code HAPPY, you can get 20% off bid packs.

All you need to do is buy one bid pack, and wait for a starter auction. Remember to bid first on a starter auction because if you win other items, you will not be eligible for starter auctions. Once you win the starter auctions, concentrate on other auctions. Another thing to remember is gift cards are easier at this site than electronics, so look for gift cards that are bundled together with bids. 

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