Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday HappyBidDay!

While the rest of the penny auction industry celebrates Halloween, HappyBidDay is celebrating its 1 year birthday. This is a really great accomplishment considering how many penny auctions go out of business much sooner. It shows that bidders are happy with the site and it is well trusted among the bidders. HappyBidDay has slowly but steadily made a name for itself and will soon be a leader in the industry, competing with the bigger sites.

HappyBidDay has some great promotions lined up to celebrate this event.

For new bidders, you can use the coupon code HAPPY to get 20% off your first bid pack purchase. In addition, the two higher bid packs will give you a win guarantee, which means if you don't win any auction with these bid packs, HappyBidDay will give you back all the bids! In addition, you get 100 happy bids just for registering. These can be used on special Happy Auctions on the site.

For existing users, use the coupon code HAPPYBIRTHDAY to get 35% off bid pack purchases.

For this event, the win limits have also been increased: 10/week and 40/month.

Also, for the first time ever, HappyBidDay will auction off two 1,000 bid packs! That's a lot of bids, enough to win some really great items over and over.


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  2. woah! thanks for sharing this. i must try it for myself. is this still available???

    lee shin

  3. OCT 1, 2013 .....this sight is great.......I won two bid packages in my first week on this sight for 850 and 400 bids......I really enjoy your sight......thnx for the free bids that let me win these prizes!!!!

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