Monday, November 28, 2011

Best Holiday Season Deals at Penny Auctions

A lot of penny auctions are having their Cyber Monday deals around the season. Not surprising, since they want to attract new members. This is a great time for penny auctions in general, because people are always looking for the best deals online, and penny auctions can potentially give you the best deals that no one else in the industry can beat.

Penny Auctions for Holiday Season
So how are penny auctions doing? Well, they do have some great deals, but I found the site HappyBidDay has one of the best promotions. If you are not yet a member, this is a really nice time to join because you can save so much on bids (and since it is relatively new, it is not as competitive as Quibids).

If you are new, just use the coupon code HAPPY and you get 35% off your bid packs. This is a huge saving, considering that you will be bidding against people who have paid so much more than what you have paid, and thus, for the same amount of money spent, you have many more bids to outbid them. This is actually a good strategy because you are effectively bringing down your cost per bid, which allows you more freedom to bid on products and also be more aggressive if need be.

Winning Strategy
A lot of people ask me about winning strategies because ultimately that's what they are interested in. This depends from one site to another. Since I am writing about HappyBidDay here, let me tell you about HappyBidDay winning strategies.

I have written previously about this and want to reiterate - go for the gift cards. Once you have the initial bid pack ready, you can go for a kill here, simply because there is so much less competition for the gift cards. Look at the latest Target gift card auction below: closed after 2 bids! (here bidding starts at $1.00 instead of $0.00 which confuses people, so take advantage of that too!)

Electronics can be competitive. I would suggest gift cards. Another great reason for bidding on gift cards is that you get free bids along with the card, which can then be used to win other auctions. This can actually be cyclically sustainable if you are smart with your strategies.

Remember to use HAPPY when you register as a promo code.


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