Monday, August 1, 2011

Gold on Penny Auctions

Gold on penny auctions isn't common and it is quite hard to find penny auctions selling gold bullion. However, it is certainly not an impossibility and a number of penny auctions are now offering these products. Gold bullion in the form of coins and bars are the most famous. You can find several gold eagles and other coins from around the world in addition to standard bars. Most of the times, the weight is less - from 2 grams to 1 oz (about 33 grams) but the smaller ones - 1/10oz, 5 grams etc are more famous because they are cheaper for the site to procure.

Although gold coins at penny auctions are not as popular as electronics or gift cards, you can find some very reputable penny auctions that sell gold coins and gold bullion. HappyBidDay is one of the few mainstream penny auctions that auctions gold and silver bullion. If you are interested, you can bid just on these bullion items - it has several gift cards and electronics like traditional penny auctions do.

Apart from this, there are several penny auctions of late which have come up that specialize in precious metals - more specifically gold and silver coins and bars. Commodity Auction is a site that is a few months old and it specializes only in gold and silver bullion. Bid Wealth is another penny auction that recently opened specializing in bullion items.

So yes there are options but it is not yet mainstream.


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