Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amazon Gift Cards Deals: The Best In the Industry

Penny auctions are well known for great deals on products, but not every penny auction is well suited for all kinds of products. For example, Quibids is really good for some high-end products, vacation packages, etc. So where do you find Amazon Gift Card Deals?

I like Amazon gift cards because Amazon has a million products that you can buy and you are thus not restricted to only certain items that are auctioned off in the penny auctions. This is why I really like to look for Amazon gift card deals and I found HappyBidDay to be the best of all.

Here is why: The Amazon gift card auctions here end really cheap, even during the most competitive times. The best thing is, these gift cards are bundled together with several free bids and in most cases, the number of free bids is more than the bids that you spend winning the product! This is crazy because you get more bids than you started off with while also getting a great Amazon gift card.

Here are some of the latest auctions at HappyBidDay - notice that these are on a Friday night, one of the most competitive times for any penny auction. Also note that the auctions start at $1.00 and not $0.00 like other penny auctions.

The auctions ended after 15, 15, 8 bids only. And there are 50, 75 and 50 free bids with these auctions. They are really low in competition and something every penny auction bidder should try out. You can keep collecting a lot of bids on these Amazon gift card auctions which help you win even more of these (note that electronics are still competitive, so you should stick with Amazon gift cards). Also, for a limited time, HappyBidDay is having a promotional discount on their bids, so do check that out as well.

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