Monday, September 16, 2013

Why so Many 'Free to Bid' Auctions at QuiBids?

You may have noticed the 'Free to Bid' auctions at QuiBids. Those are about 40% of the live auctions at this moment and show no sign of abating! Look at the number of bids just the three auctions above together have gotten so far: 3,478, 1,922 and 958 and of course, still counting.

The rules are simple: You got 10 free bids to use during a gameplay. Depending on the auction, you'll win some multiplier. For instance, you might win 100 free bids, which is not atypical. Remember, these are free bids, which means you don't lose anything bidding on these auctions, and one lucky winner takes it all home.

So why is QuiBids doing this? What's in it for them? It's simple - if you read the fine print,
"To be eligible, you must be a QuiBids user, and have purchased a bid pack."
This means, these gameplay auctions help hook the bidders on to the other QuiBids auctions where they directly make money. If you don't know the basic QuiBids strategies, for example, then you might end up losing money on bids which means QuiBids ends up making good money on them.

These are fun and you should definitely give these gameplay auctions a try. However, don't be a sucker and know the whole game before getting on with it. Read the ENTIRE QuiBids strategy guide before you get started.

Of course, like any other site, QuiBids wants the site to be sticky with the users, i.e., they should return and then return again to the site to bid and buy. That's how they make a profit. QuiBids has been incredibly good not only with attracting new bidders but also with keeping existing bidders loyal to the brand. The gameplay auctions only add to their 'stickiness factor' and make you want to visit them even more and buy from them.

What do you think of these gameplay auctions at QuiBids?


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