Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HappyBidDay Turns 2 (and yes, it is a big deal)

HappyBidDay, an alternative to Quibids, turns 2 years old next month. In case you didn't already notice, these are highly turbulent times for the whole penny auction industry and it is quite an achievement that HappyBidDay has stuck it through and made it this far while several other large penny auctions have closed shop. Today, of all the legit penny auctions, HappyBidDay can truly stand as an alternative to Quibids.

In order to celebrate this event, HappyBidDay is giving away 25 free bids to all members for use in the regular penny auctions. That's right - just register and get 25 free bids deposited on November 7. There is no reason to miss this at all. 25 free bids is a lot of bids to use to try out a site.

If you are serious about penny auctions and winning on them though, you should buy a bid pack and reduce your average cost even further. This way, you can afford to outbid your competition and therefore win products. As a general tip, keep an eye out on beginner auctions and Amazon gift cards - they usually have less competition.

As an additional bonus, there is a special coupon code that you can use, which is for the readers of this blog: QBSPECIAL that expires in a couple of weeks from now, so combine your free bids with discounted bids and you cannot go wrong! Join the site today to make use of this great offer. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. 


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  2. There is a chance you're eligible for a complimentary $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.