Monday, July 19, 2010

Quibids scam: Why no Paypal?

Quibids scam propagates in multi-directions and there are several issues with this. In this post, I am going to discuss the Quibids scam with respect to the Paypal issue.

There are many customers out there who want Quibids to accept Paypal. But Quibids always refuses Paypal. Why? The reason is not difficult to understand - Paypal has a policy of return when the goods are not delivered. This means if I buy something from Quibids using Paypal and they scam me into it, there is a way for me to get my money back using Paypal. Unfortunately, this is not the case with credit card transactions. Because Quibids is scam, it doesn't allow Paypal.

I will retract my words if Quibids is able to allow Paypal transactions. I know this is not going to happen because Quibids strategy is not really a win-win but simply a win-lose where it is the customers that ultimately lose. It is like a giant casino where the house always makes money no matter what. And a few lucky customers might make a few bucks, but really it is nothing compared to what the casino makes.

If Quibids is not scam, they should start accepting Paypal. I know Quibids scam and got suspicious the moment they said no to Paypal. All respectable online businesses use Paypal. If Quibids is what it claims, then it should do the same. Quibids should start accepting Paypal if it is legitimate. Unfortunately for the customers, this is not the case.

Quibids scam doesn't allow it to use Paypal. This is one of the Quibids strategy to keep trouble at bay. For example, if you lose a lot of money out there and want a refund, Quibids ensues that there is no way for this to happen. This is why it doesn't allow Paypal. Quibids macbook might be selling for $200 but in the process, Quibids makes a whopping $11,800 profit. This is for just one Quibids macbook. There are thousands of items listed each day. You do the math.

If Quibids claims it is genuine and honest, it should start accepting Paypal. If Quibids is scam, then it should not allow Paypal. The answer is there to see for everyone.

Update: Quibids is now accepting Paypal! That is good news. Quibids scam can be in many different ways, but not through this route! Read my Quibids review to learn more.

P.S. Update: I had a few complaints that they are still having problems with Paypal. I contacted Quibids support and here is their reply:

Hi Sid,

We do indeed! You can use (and inform your followers to use) this link for PayPal:

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you and have a great day!


QuiBids Support


  1. I came across your site this afternoon after doing further research on Quibids. I must admit that I started using Quibids since yesterday afternoon. Since then I have won 3 items. I will be more than happy to provide further details of these winning auctions later. My reason for responding to this post is in response to this article. I paid for all 3 of these winning auctions through Paypal and can provide proof should you request it. Just thought that you might want to retract your claim about Quibids not accepting Paypal as a method of payment. I assume that your article was written before they decided to utilize Paypal. Nevertheless, I will try your strategy article and see if your correct on that as well. I'll let you know. Good luck. Thanks for your information.

  2. I am trying to pay but they are not accepting paypal anymore I guess...:(((

    also as a new member...they are only allowing me to purchase bids worth $60 why? I thought they have 25 as the least.

  3. Subee, I have contacted Quibids on your behalf and asked them if Paypal is indeed a problem. I hope they get back to me.

    As for buying bids, I see that you can buy the Baby Bid Pack for $27 which has 45 bids. You can find this under the buy Bids section of Quibids. I hope this helps.

    Feel free to let me know how it goes. Also, you can subscribe to the blog so you don't miss the latest news from Quibids!

  4. I tried to pay for bids via paypal on Quibids & there's no paypal option except 4 other types of credit/debit card payment option. When I tried to use/speak to their virtual agent it will avoid my question of "why no paypal payment available" by saying one can pay via the other 4 credit/debit card payment methods. Eventhough they still claim they accept paypal on some of their statement but under the actual payment of bids screen NO PAYPAL payment option is available.

  5. while your registering for the site go to this link and it will allow you to pay with paypal

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