Friday, July 15, 2011

Penny Auction Coupon Codes

Penny auction coupon codes are popular for a variety of reasons, and rightly so. Ultimately, the purpose of all penny auction coupon codes is to reduce the price per bid that you pay. This translates directly into increased profits and better deals for the bidders.

Penny auction coupon codes are especially useful for new penny auctions. It is not surprising if you think about it. New penny auctions need to promote themselves and establish their brand in the niche. It is already a competitive marketplace with heavyweights like Quibids. New penny auctions compete against these industry trend-setters. One of the most effective way for them to promote their site is through coupon codes.

The best thing about penny auction coupon codes is that they often offer free bids with a coupon code. This means you can try out the penny auction site for free and perhaps even win a small item without investing any money whatsoever. This is certainly a great deal for bidders.

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Lots of new penny auctions give out special coupon codes to reach niche segments of penny auction bidders. I usually get special coupon codes from these sites which I share with all my readers. It is a simple win-win situation: my readers get free coupon codes and the penny auction gets to reach my readers.

At the time of writing this, here are some of the penny auction coupon codes which will help you get free bids:

1. RockDawg: RD52 to get 10 free bids.
2. OrangeBidz: SID10 (mail this code along with your username to
3. HappyBidDay: Click to register and get 12-15% off first bid pack purchase.
4. PennyGrab: TGIF to get 10 free bids.
5. BidRivals: FB40 to get 40% extra bids on a bid pack purchase; valid only today. 

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