Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day Promotions at Penny Auctions

There are many independence day promotions at penny auctions where you can get bids for cheap. Here are some of the promotions that might interest you:

1. BidHere: BidHere has some amazing promotions for the 4th of July. First, if you buy a 500 bid pack, you get 100 bids free! Then, if you buy 10 bid packs of 100 bids, you get an iPod Shuffle free! This is great for people who want to bid on plenty of products here.

2. BidRivals: BidRivals has a coupon code to use: JUL15 to get 15% additional bids on your next bid pack purchase. Better, this coupon can be used twice!

3. HappyBidDay: Here, you can get 12% off 150 bid pack ($0.56/bid) or 15% off 225 bid pack ($0.51/bid) instead of the regular $0.60/bid

4. BidCactus: BidCactus is giving 4 free bids on purchase of a 30 bid pack with the coupon code 9HM3-9MCJ

5. Beezid: Beezid is having a bid back period again with a limit to the maximum price - from 9pm EDT on July 3rd to 8:59pm EDT on July 4th, you get back every bid that you place in Beezid and there is a cap of 25% retail price for every product.

6. OrangeBidz: OrangeBidz is having a good independence day promotion where you get 25 free bids on a 100 bid pack purchase. In addition, if you look for special symbol icons, you will get 50% bid back, which means if you lose these auctions, you will get back 50% of the bids that you placed.

There could be more promotions that I am not aware of, so if you have more information, please do let me know and I'll try to include it in the post.

Happy Holidays!

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