Saturday, July 2, 2011

BidRivals Coupon Code: 15% Free Bids

Just a quick note to my bidders: BidRivals has a coupon code out: JUL15. This will give you 15% additional bids, and you can use this twice! It is a nice coupon to use for regular BidRivals bidders.

BidRivals is a global penny auction, so for my non-US readers, it is probably your best choice. For the US readers, if you are interested, it could be a nice alternative to other penny auctions like Quibids. It is not as large as Quibids in terms of number of daily auctions, but is still one of the biggest penny auctions.

There should be other coupon codes for July 4th, so I'll try to locate them and let you all know if I get to know other coupon codes.

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