Friday, May 13, 2011

Quibids vs BidRivals: The Better Penny Auction

Quibids vs BidRivals: Full Comparison 

Here I discuss Quibids vs BidRivals and talk about the positives and negatives of both the sites.
Both Quibids and BidRivals are huge penny auctions and unlikely to scam you - i.e. if you win a product on either penny auction, you will receive it. However, that is just one part of the story. While deciding on which penny auction site you should join, legitimacy is perhaps the most important factor. Both BidRivals and Quibids are legit penny auctions, so you cannot really distinguish the two at this point.

Another point I would like to mention is that both Quibids and BidRivals have excellent customer service. I know both these penny auctions have also received complaints in this area, but overall, you will be surprised by how efficiently the customer service is at both these sites. BidRivals used to have a live chat that was online almost all the time, but I think now that feature isn't always present. Quibids does that during the working US hours.

So now let us look at some of the various aspects of Quibids vs BidRivals.

Scope of the Penny Auction
By scope, I mean how many people the site can reach. Quibids is limited in the geographic scope in that it is available only to residents of the United States. On the other hand, BidRivals is available in over 25 countries. In that aspect, if you are outside the United States, then you really have no choice but to choose BidRivals.

On the other hand, for those in the United States, at BidRivals you will have to compete with people from all over the globe. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because BidRivals takes care to ensure that there are adequate number of products all throughout the day. However, this also means that it is very hard to determine the best time to bid on BidRivals as it is about uniform throughout the day.

So the bottom line is, if you are outside the US, BidRivals is for you. If you are in the US, read the points below to decide :)

Openness of the Penny Auction 
In this aspect, BidRivals wins hands down. There are no gimmicks like Quibids trap page. In addition, I think the biggest advantage that BidRivals has is that you can find all the information on previously closed auctions, unlike Quibids. Try this out: Just go to and see the list under closed auctions (you don't even have to log in!) You will find all the previous auctions that ever took place on the site with the closing price and time. This is priceless information that Quibids hides from its users.

In terms of being open, Quibids still has a long way to go. I am actually happy that BidRivals is able to make the penny auction model more open. When it comes to being open, Quibids vs BidRivals is almost a no-brainer: BidRivals wins.

Buy-It-Now Feature
Quibids almost started the trend of Buy-It-Now, so I am naturally inclined towards Quibids on this one. At one point of time, BidRivals was very poor when it came to having the Buy-It-Now feature. However, after a recent change in the site, almost every auction at BidRivals now has this feature. It is a very positive step forward. However, Quibids has the commitment that they have the Buy It Now feature on every single auction from the very beginning, so I have to say that Quibids wins against BidRivals in this aspect.

Overall Competition
This is one of the most important aspects of any penny auction and it directly affects the bidders. So how do we know Quibids vs BidRivals in this important aspect? Unfortunately, there is not enough data with respect to closed auctions at Quibids. However, I can tell you this: at BidRivals, it is very profitable to bid on gift cards, in general. Somehow, it is far less competitive than Quibids in these small gift cards and you can get some really awesome deals.

However, Quibids also does well in terms of some electronics products. Also, Quibids has a number of HDTVs that BidRivals doesn't. However, if you are content with smaller items, then you should look for BidRivals.

So, in the end, both Quibids and BidRivals are big penny auctions with a tested model and both are totally legit. Visit both Quibids and BidRivals and decide for yourself what you want to join. I welcome your comments if you can share your own experiences.

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