Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review of Quibids Alternatives

This is my review of Quibids alternatives if you should be interested. I have selected these sites after careful consideration and have especially made sure that they are not scams, so it is safe to invest in them. However, these different Quibids alternatives have different features that might appeal to you, so here is a brief summary. All of them are penny auctions that are different from Quibids.

If you want to know more about Quibids, you should read my Quibids Strategies and a comprehensive Quibids Review. These should also help you make up your mind about whether you really want alternatives to Quibids or want to stick with Quibids, which is the largest penny auction site in the US.

1. DealDash: This is another American penny auction that is about 10 times smaller than Quibids, which still makes it very big. However, the nice thing about DealDash is that it is less competitive and has sufficient products. You have good winning chances. The bidding community is well-knit and the site is usually much more open. Read my complete DealDash Review for detailed information.

2. BidRivals: BidRivals is a truly global penny auction. This certainly makes for more interesting auctions and better ways to get deals. There are more European bidders than Americans, so most of the times you can spot some great deals. This time zone difference makes the bidding process more uniform. Also, the automatic bidder is more advanced here and you can always use some good strategies on this to win. If you can form the right bidding strategy, BidRivals might just be for you. Read my complete BidRivals Review for more information.

3. ScoreLuxe: ScoreLuxe is another penny auction that only provides high-end luxury goods. If you have wanted to indulge yourself without spending thousands of dollars, this site might be just right. You also get high-end electronics like iPads/iPhones. These are many times cheaper than iPad/iPhone auctions at Quibids or even other penny auctions. The only drawback is there are not as many auctions live. If you can wait for the right time, ScoreLuxe can give you the most amazing deals. Read my complete ScoreLuxe Review and also an Interview with ScoreLuxe founder.

4. Beezid: Beezid is a popular penny auction with many different auction types and some free bids. They are good entertainment, but I think they don't give better deals than Quibids. Also, they don't seem to have the Buy it Now feature, which greatly reduces loss at Quibids. You can read about Quibids vs Beezid.

I hope you like these sites. Do drop in a comment and let me know how you felt about these penny auctions.


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