Saturday, February 19, 2011

BidRivals: A Global Phenomenon

BidRivals is a penny auction site that is currently run in 30 countries. This is truly a great achievement for several reasons. Even big penny auction sites like Quibids operate only in the US. BidRivals has been able to capture a global audience.

One great advantage with this is that there are bidders and products 24 hours a day. This is in sharp contrast with say Quibids where the number of products drastically drop off at late nights and early mornings. This uniformity ensures that you don't have to plan your auctions in advance - all times are fine.

There are some great deals at BidRivals. I have seen iPads go for as little as a dollar but I have also seen costly items. They also have a good item selection. Since it is based in Europe, I think they have a slightly different product taste but I like it nonetheless.

For those interested, follow this link to BidRivals and you will automatically get 20 free bids when you buy your first bid pack.

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