Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BidRivals: A Global Penny Auction

BidRivals is a truly global penny auction site, one of the only few out there (frankly I cannot name another one!) It has bidders from US and Europe, which makes it much more interesting.

One immediately good thing that you can notice about BidRivals is that it is much less time-biased than say Quibids. This is because the bidders at BidRivals are from all corners of the world. Currently, it is active in 28 different countries! I personally think that's an amazing accomplishment, considering how most penny auctions are limited to one country (e.g. Quibids to US, MadBid to UK etc)

So what's the BidRivals review? You get some good products here like at other penny auctions. One thing I have noticed is there are many different denominations of gift cards than at Quibids or other penny auctions. I guess it has to do with the global nature of this site. I guess this provides more flexibility to the bidders.

There really is no best time to bid on BidRivals or at least it is not apparent. So you don't have to get up early or stay up late to fancy your winning chances.

There is a very good product selection that you can choose from, though the number of auctions are still less than Quibids. The site is quite transparent in terms of displaying data and winners, so I encourage you to check it out yourself on the site. It also has a BidAgent very similar to Bidomatic of Quibids but without the limits of bidomatic (at bidomatic of Quibids you can place a maximum of 25 bids only).

So BidRivals is a good penny auction to check out and can be a good alternative to Quibids. Visit the site to check out more details.

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